Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rollin next to the river

I recently moved back to Boston after about a 10 year stint, elsewhere in the country.  It is nice to come back to a place where you have some familiarity, but where in a somewhat different place in life previously.  It also does not hurt to have been away long enough where you forget a lot of little details, keeps things fresh!

One of my favorite things about the Boston area is how quickly you can feel like you are not in a city.  The combination of land protection, planned development and the Charles river help to separate out areas from one another and provide a tangible transition.  While there are not many areas that were constructed with bicycle travel in mind (although this is changing rapidly), there are certainly quite a few paths that have been converted, such as the Esplanade and Charles river path along downtown.  Even better, I have been able to ride on some old dis used former railroad beds and water authority drainage areas which are a wholly different experience from a typical bike path.  All of the photos are within about 20-30mi of Boston proper.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Long Time Coming

I have been meaning to start writing here for quite some time and never got around to it.  Until Now!  Posts will be of the anything variety, with focuses on Food, Music, Outdoors and Bikes.  Just a space to share on my Two Wheel Drift.

First things first though.  Over the holiday I went to see the final hobbit movie, battle of the five armies, with some family.  This movie cost 250 Million Dollars to make and the horse (or whatever the 4 legged creatures are named that carry elfs and people and other woodland creatures around are called here) all move like drunk frogs in CGI.  Fairly disappointing that for $250 million, you cant get a descent horse walk.  What gives?